Ancient Wisdom and Modern Knowhow. Learning to Live with Uncertainty

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Oprawa: twarda, Format: 17x22,5 cm, Stron: 192, 2012 r., książka w języku angielskim

Adept at moving between the examination of modern and contemporary architecture, art, literature and music, Robert Maxwell is a respected scholar whose critical writings articulate the role architecture plays in contemporary culture. In Ancient Wisdom And Modern Knowhow, Maxwell considers the notion of 'doubt' encountered by the modern architect. In ten chapters that draw upon writers and topics as diverse and engaging as Andre Malraux and his concept of the Musée Imaginaire, Colin Rowe and his exploration of "Mannerism in Modern Architecture" as well as Rowe's book with Fred Koetter, Collage City, and examining works by artists incling Albrecht Du?rer, Picasso and Duchamp and architects incling James Stirling, Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry and Daniel Libeskind, Maxwell steps effortlessly through a range of ideas and concepts, to create an engaging and provocative thesis. Ancient Wisdom and Modern Knowhow is the second of two new books to be published by Artifice books on architecture by Professor Robert Maxwell, Emeritus Professor of Architecture at Princeton University. The first, A Few Years of Writing Interspersed with some Facts of Life, was published in autumn 2012.


"This then is a book that revives faith in a living criticism, one not over-weighted with post-structural apparatus but one that is deeply indebted to the insights of literature and the arts, not to speak of poetry and painting." --The Architectural Review, March 2014

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The notion of 'doubt' encountered by the modern architect