Constructing Landscape: Materials. Techniques, Structural Components

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The one-stop handbook on landscape architecture in a revised edition "Constructing Landscape" is a systematic introduction to technical and constructional open space planning, with all the relevant topics, from the most common materials and surfaces to the construction of open space elements and the use of plants. For landscape architects and architects it is an indispensable guide to correct and professional execution planning as well as to preparing solid and well-thought-out requests for proposal. "Constructing Landscape" is divided into two sections, Materials and Surfaces, and Building Construction and Building Elements. The first section provides an overview of the various building materials of landscape architecture and their specific characteristics. It also explains the qualities of surfaces and the different approaches to treating them. The second section begins with an introductory chapter explaining the principles of statics, the connections of load-bearing elements, and the various approaches to anchoring building components and supporting structures. The subsequent chapters use drawings and text to present the constructional principles and techniques associated with the various building elements. Each chapter concles with a collection of sample projects, illustrated with photographs and technical drawings.

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Constructing Landscape

1. Materials
1.1. Soil
Components, properties, classification
Bulk material
Soil protection
Testing and assessing foundation soil
1.2. Plants
Plant propagation
Woody plants
Herbaceous plants (incling grasses and ferns)
Bulbs and tubers (geophutes)
Bedding and tub plants
1.3. Lawns and other seeded Areas 
Crushed stone lawn/checker brick lawn
Intermediate planting
1.4. Wood
Composition, properties and timber preservation
Surface qualities
1.5. Cust Stone
Properties and products
Surface properties and treatment
Laying and molding
1.8. Metals
Iron and steel
1.9. Other Buildings Materials
Bitumen and asphalt

2. The Principles of Loadbearing Structures
2.1. Loadbearing Structures and their Dimensions
Fundamentals os structural component dimensioning
Assumed loeds
Choise of System
Choise of Materials
Choise of cross-section
2.2. Foundations
The principles of soil mechanics
Principal foundation types
2.3. Connections
Timber connections
Steel connections
Connections between different materials

3. Structural elements and building metodhs
3.1. Ground Modeling and Earthworks
Terrain modeling
Securing earthworks
Specimen projects
3.2. Paths and squares
Hard surfaces - terminology
Buildind ground
Construction methods for surface courses
Specimen projects
3.3. Steps
Ooor steps
Constructiom methods
Specimen projects
3.4. Railings and fences
General requirements
Construction metodsSpecimen projects
3.5. Walls
Freestanding walls
Retaining walls
Nonstable construction methods
Specimen projects
3.6. Small structures and pergolas
Construction and use of materials for small structures
Construction and use of materials for pergolas
Specimen projects
3.7. Small bridges
General structure od bridge
Bridge support structures
Specimen projects
3.8. Walkways and decks
General essentials
ubstructure/support construction
Specimen projects
3.9. Planting technique and care of vegetation surfaces
Basics of plant growth
Planting woody platns
Planting and maitenance of herbaceous plants
Planting and maitenance of geophytes
Seasonal ornament plants
Specimen projects
3.10. Lawns and meadows: laying and care
Seeding ornamental annulas
Specimen projects
3.11. Surface drainage
Creating slopes
Construction methods for drainage systems
Basic calculations and parametrs
Specimen projects
3.12. Water installations
General building methods and choise of location
Construction methods
Planting pools and ponds
Specimen projects
3.13. Vertical planting
Creative aims
Structures and attachment modes for trellis climbers
Construction requirements
Problems with climbing plants
Maitenance and checking
Specimen projects
3.14. Green roofs
Forms of green roof
Construction requirements and constructive elements
Designs and layers in green roofs
Greening methods
Implementing a green roof
Specimen projects
3.15. Special elements
Lighting elements
Play and sports elements
Specimen projects
Seating elements
Specimen projects

Literature, Standards and directives
Additional information
Picture credits