Deterritorialisations ... Revisioning: Landscapes and Politics

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In recent years, landscape has become increasingly recognised as a topic of central importance to a wide variety of disciplines. To a large degree this recognition has been based upon an expanding appreciation of the political aspects of landscape, its ideological character and effects. Landscapes and Politics is an innovative cross-disciplinary volume of new writing which brings together, in a strategic and productive encounter, a broad variety of critical work currently being done in this field. With 28 papers and five photo essays.

Landscapes and Politics presents material by scholars and practitioners from anthropology, archaeology, architecture, art history, cultural sties, English and American literature, film sties, fine art, geography, history, landscape architecture, philosophy, political science, and religious sties. As an important marker of current methodologies, research and practice across these different disciplinary areas Landscapes and Politics is an invaluable resource. It will be of interest to all those concerned with current discourses and debates on landscape and its representation.