Great Design. The World's best Design

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Oprawa: Hardcover, Format:  cm, Stron: 256,  2013 r.

Featuring DK's signature lush, visual style, Great Design provides a fascinating overview of the dynamic history of design from the 1860s onwards. It traces the development of modern design from all corners of the world, incling product design, furniture, graphics, industrial design, and textiles.

With more than 100 of the best designs explored and explained, from Bauhaus posters and bubble chairs to the Citroën DS and the iPad, Great Design is a stunning visual guide to the icons of modern design.

Incling profiles of influential designers, workshops, and movements, as well as highlighting the key characteristic elements, reading Great Design is like being taken on a tour of a design museum with a personal guide who points out what to look at, deciphers key points of style, and helps you understand what design is and how it works.


"The Smithsonian's Great Design by Phillip Wilkinson is a new coffee table book that explores 100 great designs from around the world. The glorious large formatted photographs also show objects other than home furnishings and furniture — think cars, motorcycles, phones and cameras." – The Plain Dealer

"[Great Design] is an ode to form, function and beauty" and warning readers to "prepare to get sucked into an encyclopedic vortex of elegant aesthetics and high functionality before being spun off onto the Internet to search for every item on every page. [Y]ou'll feel an urgent need for things like the Moka Express coffeemaker and Kilta tableware." – The Kansas City Star

"[Great Design is] as comprehensive as it is beautiful. Covering design from across the world, the book incorporates everything from technology to textiles, furniture and industrial design. Full photographic galleries — incling detail shots and even sketches — meet insight in this hardcover compendium of vast design world essentials. [It] neatly binds this through-line, contextualizes it and offers a reference for beginners looking to learn, experts seeking for inspiration and anyone else with a little design curiosity." –

"This book…is a perfect gift for purveyors of design, architecture, and the like. Lush photographs and fascinating insights are tucked into this large volume — it is a museum-style sty of what great design is and why this innovative product still factors into our lives indefinitely." – The Examiner

"Books never go out of style as a holiday gift for a favorite friend or family member- or yourself. Great Design by Philip Wilkinson shows ground-breaking examples in eight time periods beginning in the 1860… the book is a photographic tour of more than 100 great designs." – Design NJ