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Greg Lynn Form

Wydawnictwo: AA
Autor: Bruce Q. Lan, Xiaoqu Luo
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Oprawa: twarda, Format: 26,5 x 21 cm, Stron: 238,   2006 rok, książka w języku angielskim i chińskim

Greg Lynn, właściciel Greg Lynn FORM i obszerna monografia na jego temat. Wprowadzenie to m. in "THE ART OF GREG LYNN FORM" oraz "DESIGN PHILOSOPHY",  rozdziały "BLEBS", "FLOWER", "STRAND", "SHRED", "SKIN", "TEETH", "BRANCH", "LATTICE". Teksty opisowe i masa fotografii.

One of the most provocative and exciting architects today, Greg Lynn has defined how designers and architects use computers as a medium, operating in an expanded field that fuses cutting-edge technology, contemporary art, and science fiction aesthetics with architectural form. At the epicenter of a debate about the role of digital design in architecture and design, his projects skillfully blend high technology and detailed craftsmanship, driven by modeling software from the film and aerospace industries. Incled are contributions from theorists, architects, and artists, and futurists such as J. G. Ballard and Bruce Sterling. Greg Lynn Form offers a window into Lynn’s methods and techniques, theoretical positions, and career trajectory. Rather than a retrospective of Lynn’s career, it is thought-provoking and forward-looking.