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Healing Architecture 2004–2017. Forschung und Lehre – Research and Teaching

Wydawnictwo: Braun
Autor: Christine Nickl-Weller
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179,00 zł

ISBN 978-3-03768-230-2

Okładka: Softcover, Format: 19x23 cm, Stron: 244, 450 pictures 2018 r., książka po angielsku i niemiecku

What does architecture have to do with health? Can architecture support the healing process? At the Technical University of Berlin, the department "Architecture for Health" researches and teaches how architecture could influence health. Applying the variable "health" to all areas of life is the focus of the department's teaching and research work. The term "Healing Architecture" represents the courage to think outside the box, to explore and to go beyond conventional conceptions of architecture.



  • Auguste-Viktoria Hospital Berlin, Germany
  • Campus Milano, Italy
  • Aquaponic Tower Beijing, China


  • Evidence-based design research
  • Building Neighborhood Health Ecosystems
  • Architectural Psychology in Design Education