Industrial Chic. Reconverting Spaces

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  • Producent: Gribaudo
  • Dostępność: Nakład wyczerpany
Oprawa: softcover, Format: 19x24 cm, Stron: 287, 2009 r., tekst: angielski

Disused industrial buildings can be profoundly beautiful, but as they don't make lots of money people tend to like making them, once more, productive members of our great society. Sometimes, of course, this process can be highly beneficial both aesthetically and socially. This book presents 31 such developments, described in quintilingual text (English, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese) and illustrated with seductive, cool photography and cute, colourful plans. Split into three sections (single-use buildings, multi-functional buildings and urban redevelopments) examples range from the internationally famous Tate Modern to warehouse conversions such as the Henry Jones Art Hotel in Tasmania, to Camera, a Toronto gallery-cum-cinema formerly a kitchen appliance warehouse. There are before-and-after images for every site and contact details for the architectural firms featured - incling Renzo Piano, Clive Wilkinson, Latz und Partner and many more. We are lucky to be able to bring you titles from this excellent Italian publisher, they really are making some cracking books.

Die Tate Modern von Herzog & de Meuron in London, das Aitorium Niccol Paganini von Renzo Piano in Parma (Italien), der Saporiti Hub con Martí Guixé in Mailand oder das Caixa Forum von Roberto Luna&Arata Isozaki in Barcelona sind einige der international bekannten Projekte, die in diesem Band präsentiert werden. Leer stehende Industriegebäe aus dem 19. und 20. Jahrhundert zu modernisieren ist eine sehr verbreitete Gepflogenheit der heutigen Architektur. Meistens imposante Strukturen, die Jahre lang kurz vorm Verfall standen, werden saniert und in Gewerbe- oder Dienstleistungszentren, Galerien oder Konzerthäuser umstrukturiert. Mit Vorher-Nachher-Fotos.