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Living Modern Tropical: A Sourcebook of Stylish Interiors

Wydawnictwo: Thames & Hudson
Autor: Phyllis Richardson
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165,00 zł

Oprawa: , Format: cm, Stron: 288, 2012 r., English


A colorful resource influenced by life in the tropics that applies modern concerns— balance, proportion, space, and light—to a variety of settings and environments.

Published in 2010, Living Modern is the ultimate resource for contemporary living. Defining the “modern” space as much more than “modernist,” the book showcases global interiors with clean lines, sophisticated color combinations, outdoor rooms, great design objects, and open areas for relaxing and eating. Now, with a new selection of photography and houses, Living Modern Tropical applies these attributes to tropical climates, where the expression of modern living has found its natural home. The book is organized into ten sections: nature, architecture, outdoors, elements, function, light, furniture, details, materials, and water. Each features themed subsections that focus on the attributes most enjoyed in tropical spaces. But regardless of where you live, here are hundreds of design ideas that will provide inspiration for every room in the house. 490 color illustrations