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Masters of Light

Wydawnictwo: Images Publishing
Autor: Peter Hyatt
Wysyłamy w ciągu 3-5 dni
201,60 zł
Oprawa: twarda, Format: 28,6x28,8 cm, Stron: 356, 2007 r., tekst: angielski

Light is the primary language of architecture. It gives form, power and nuance. Masters of Light considers the world's greatest living exponents of design where light is paramount. Practices large and small contribute examples that maximise the use of light and shade. Great contemporary residential design is only achieved with a full understanding of the effects of light on the well-being of occupants. The language of lighting can be as obvious as the single window to the discreet aperture for special effect. Masters of Light condenses the knowledge and secrets of master architects who reveal their poetic vision and technique to fully realise the experience of place.