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Dutch architects and their houses

Wydawnictwo: Luster
Autor: Santje Kramer/Frank Visser
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Oprawa: , Format: 23x28 cm, Stron: 240,  2014 r., photography: Mirjam Bleeker, language: English/Dutch

Almost all architecture is designed on commission for a client. And the architect's design must always bend to the wishes or demands of that client. The situation is turned on its head, however, when the architect becomes his/her own client when building, renovating or redecorating their own home. All of a sudden, the architect has the freedom to give full expression to his vision on living and the humble home is transformed into something of a calling card. 

This book contains 16 such calling cards: sixteen extensive reports on the lofts, apartments or houses where leading Dutch architects as Herman Herzberger, Gunnar Daan, Felix Claus and others live. Each report is accompanied by a text in which the architect expounds his/her own vision on architecture .