More Dream Homes. 100 Inspirational Interiors

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Oprawa: miękka, Format: 25,6x25,6 cm, Stron: 352, 2008 r., tekst: angielski

A companion and successor to the hugely successful 'Dream Homes' (50,000 copies in print), this book presents an entirely new selection of 100 stunning interiors of all styles from around the globe. From sumptuous, state-of-the-art city apartments created by interior designers to quirky holiday retreats transformed by their dedicated owners, this is an exciting kaleidoscope of locations and home-decoration ideas. Johanna Thornycroft describes concisely the key characteristics of each home and how these have been achieved, providing insights into the work of leading interior designers. Each project is fully illustrated with beautiful photographs by celebrated interiors photographer Andreas von Einsiedel. More Dream Homes contains a wealth of inspiration for lovers of interior design or anyone seeking to make their dream home a reality.