1000 Visual Tips on Garden Design

Oprawa: twarda, Format: 26x20 cm, Stron: 420 , 2011 rok

A garden is a little piece of nature transformed by humans and integrated into their environment for their enjoyment. Gardens are also an outward extension of the home - an extra living space for leisure and recreation. These concepts are the basis for the large variety of designs and tips for outdoor spaces presented in this magnificent book. It is a visual guide filled with original ideas and tricks which enable you to let your imagination run free to create a natural space in your home. The examples described and illustrated can be adapted to any kind of garden and any needs you may have. All options are considered and any question is bound to find an answer: Is it better to have a Japanese garden inspiring tranquillity or a little shady place? Can you create a garden in a small yard? And is a kitchen garden difficult to maintain? It shows you how to design gardens, patios and terraces simply and easily. It addresses ecology and gardens that are beneficial to the environment.