1000 x European Architecture

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ISBN 9783037680872

Oprawa: twarda, Format: 240 x 320 cm, Stron: 1024, 2011 r., tekst: angielski


All the important themes of our present time are put into the European perspective – it‘s time to do this with architecture as well! Projects from all parts of the continent have been selected to create a representative overview of the latest European architecture.


The great variety of European architecture is guaranteed because there is only one project presented per architect – with high-quality pictures and plans. Particular emphasis has been placed on making sure that many small creative and surprising buildings are presented alongside much-quoted “musts”.


From the contents:

  • Jewish Museum in Berlin, Germany (Daniel Libeskind)
  • Tiscali Campus in Cagliari, Italy (Arassociati – Stio di Architettura)
  • Kupla – The Bubble, Korkeasaari Zoo Lookout Tower in Helsinki, Finland (Ville Hara)
  • Sports Stadium in Santander, Spain (J. Franco Arquitectos)
  • Swiss RE Headquarters in London, Great Britain (Foster and Partners)