101 Hotel Rooms, Vol. 2

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ISBN 9783037681985

Oprawa: Hardcover, Format:  cm Stron: 232, 434 pictures 2015 r.

As the speed of life continues to increase and constant mobility becomes the norm, the importance of spaces that provide a home away from home is greater than ever. This lifestyle shift is transforming the hotel room into an essential hub that combines travel with rest and movement with relaxation, all within one space. Guests should feel secure and comfortable inside an oasis of calm, while drawing inspiration from the spirit of their surroundings.

Filled with visionary design ideas, this insightful reference book illustrates the talented expertise of these two interior designers for creating extraordinary guestroom concepts. It reveals their process for translating emotions into design, and then design into atmosphere. Informed by an intuitive, holistic approach, the book depicts how the concept of hotel rooms is continuously reimagined in keeping with the evolution of guest lifestyles.

The more the speed of life is increasing and the more constant mobility is becoming the norm, the more important are rooms and spaces that provide a home away from home. In this context, hotel rooms constitute an essential hub as they combine travel and arrival, as well as movement and relaxation all in one. Guests should relax and feel comfortable in their hotel rooms, while also becoming inspired by the spirit of the surrounding space. Five years after the publication of 101 Hotel Rooms, this second volume presents new examples of lifestyle quality experiences, while illustrating the talent of the two interior design experts for extraordinary room concepts and visionary design ideas – they translate emotions into design and design into atmosphere. Based on a holistic approach, the concept of hotel rooms is constantly reinvented and put into scene.



  • Capri by Fraser in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Pullmann Paris Bercy, France
  • Business Hotel in Moscow, Russia
  • Hilton Munich Park, Germany
  • Le Clervaux in Clerf, Luxembourg