150 Best Cottage and Cabin Ideas

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ISBN 9780062395207

Oprawa: twarda, Format:   cm, Stron: 480, 2016 r.

Filled with hundreds of color photographs, this comprehensive handbook in the highly successful 150 Best design series showcases the latest in successful small house design from some of today’s most distinguished international architects and designers.

Bursting with ideas for designing, building, and decorating, this outstanding compendium features an extensive collection of cottages and cabins from around the world. Adapted to the specific needs and particular tastes of individual clients, these idyllic getaway homes and country hideaways incorporate practical, innovative, and stunning solutions for a variety of design needs.

150 Best Cottage and Cabin Ideas embodies the diversity of current trends in house design and provides an inspirational source of ideas—whether you’re looking to design and build a new home or renovate and redecorate an existing structure.



Francesc Zamora Mola stied interior architecture in Barcelona and then in San Francisco, where he honed his design skills working with innovative architecture firms. Mr. Zamora lives in Barcelona, where he writes about design and architecture. He is the author of numerous architecture books, incling 150 Best Mini Interior Ideas, Star Commercial Spaces, and 150 Best New Apartment Ideas.