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5x2 Research and the Making of Architecture

Autor: Balz Mueller Mark Donahue
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Oprawa: miękka, Format: 22,5 x 16 cm, Stron: 176, 2006 r., ksiązka w języku angielskim

This unprecedented series of discussions between architecture students and principals of leading American and Swiss architecture firms investigates the role research plays in the building process. Anyone from a practicing architect to a general reader interested in modern architecture and education will take away a new depth of understanding of the process of design. These conversations evolved from a seminar sponsored by California College of Arts and the UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design. They expose the similarities and differences in education, design and construction, all to reveal the multiple ways architecture is made. Includes interviews with Marc Angelil and Anne Fougeron, Andrea Deplazes and Stanley Saitowitz, Patrick Devanthery, Ines Lamuniere and Nader Tehrani, Valerio Olgiati and Jim Jennings, and Dirk Hebel, Jorg Stollmann and Lisa Iwamoto.