A&D SERIES 7: New Essentialism

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Oprawa: miękka, Format: 33x26 cm, Stron: 204, 2007 r., tekst: angielski

Contemporary interior architecture with a soul. This is the best way to describe the work of Stephanie Laporte of The Office – whether the project is a private home or a commercial property. What does this mean? Clean, modern design with a great deal of respect for the building’s original character, spiced up with elements that reflect the personality of the owners and clients. The result is always unique, yet still unmistakably the work of The Office. Using beautiful materials and textures, light and colour, Stephanie Laporte transforms a room into a sophisticated and inviting interior. The results are clean and simple, but also have warmth and character. These are tasteful interiors with an atmosphere of calm and they often serve as a backdrop for contemporary art.

Stephanie Laporte stied interior architecture in Saint-Luc in Doornik and then went to work at the Bataille & Ibens stio in Antwerp. At the end of 1999, she started her own business. In 2001, together with Jan Demeyere (architect) and Kris Carton (engineer/architect), she set up The Office Belgium. The company has three departments: architecture, project management and interior architecture. A year later, they set up The Office Poland and, with business partner Hendrik Danneels, The Office Romenia.