A Home of Your Own Creating Interiors with Character

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When we describe a home as being ‘full of character’, we mean that it’s individual or exceptional in some way. Character comes from a variety of sources, from the property itself to the people who live there, while the act of bringing character into a home is a layering process, one that starts with the bones of the building and finishes with the decor – the human element. In this new book, interiors expert Sally Coulthard explains just what it takes to turn an uninspiring space into a personality-packed home, whether it’s a cottage, an apartment or a modern family house. Each chapter focuses on a particular element – for example, the importance of family and loved ones, and making an interior feel like a social space – and explains why this element matters and how to bring it into your home. Inspirational features, in the form of ‘Keys to Character’ boxes, offer tips on incorporating individuality into even the most unpromising of spaces, from making the most of period details and mixing old and new furnishings to introducing artwork and displaying photographs.  

A unique guide to introducing personality into your home, regardless of whether you live in an old or a new property. Explores both the architectural and the human elements necessary to create characterful interiors. Combines 250 inspirational images by leading interiors photographers with a wealth of practical advice.