Advertising Now. TV Commercials

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Oprawa: paperback, Format: 20x25,6 cm, Stron: 448, 2008 r., tekst wielojęzyczny: angielski, niemiecki, francuski

For anyone interested in inventive commercials, this book covers the best contemporary examples from around the world. The very best TV commercials are masterpieces of the art, 30- or 60-second films that make us think, and rethink our attites towards a certain brand, product or service. Whether it’s selling the latest Nike sneaker or raising awareness about the danger of speeding, a commercial must communicate its message in under a minute, and only the sharpest creative minds achieve the perfect balance of novelty, entertainment, information and emotional impact. This book-and-DVD package gathers many of the world's best commercials of recent years, in chapters are organized by subject, such as food & beverage, health & beauty, social & political, technology, and transport. Also incled are screenshots, descriptions of each spot, and a credit list.