Alberto Pinto: Signature Interiors

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A lavish tome featuring the completed interiors of the master decorator’s final creations from around the globe. Revered as one of the greatest decorators of the twentieth century, Alberto Pinto made his distinctive mark on the world of interior design thanks to his style, his extraordinary perception, and his perpetually renewed inspiration. This new volume presents the latest creations by Cabinet Alberto Pinto in its luxurious, comfortable, generous, and modern signature style, revealing singular interiors that have never been seen before—sumptuous hôtels particuliers, lavish apartments, historical residences, and even a Middle Eastern palace—all of which reveal the quintessential Alberto Pinto style.

About the Author

Alberto Pinto (1945–2012) was one of the world’s most eminent interior designers. Numerous monographs cover various aspects of his work.

Anne Bony teaches, holds conferences, and has published numerous books on furniture and interior design and architecture. 

Hubert de Givenchy is a celebrated fashion designer who founded his eponymous haute couture house in 1952. 

Linda Pinto worked alongside her brother Alberto at the agency for more than thirty years and took the reins following his death.