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Architects' Homes

Wydawnictwo: Images Publishing
Autor: Edited By Bethany Patch
Nakład wyczerpany
189,00 zł

ISBN 9781864706086 

Oprawa: twarda, Format:  25,4 x 25,4 cm, Stron: 224, 2017 r., Illustrations: 200 colour

This stunning book takes a rare glimpse into the intriguing and unique homes of some of the world's best-known architects. How do these architects design their own private domains? How do their furnishing styles impact on the structural integrity of the space? How do these individuals express their interior design flair in their own haven? The title starts by introducing the relationship between the architect and their professional work, by telling how that marries with their own private tastes, and how they interpret current trends and enable their own philosophies to transfer to their personal, private environments. Combining rich photography and spectacular imagery with the personal stories of these industry professionals, this book provides a rich source for those keen to delve into the design aesthetics, concepts and innovations of leaders in their very own field.

Architects featured incle: Mark Jamison/Jamison Architects, Australia; Corbett Lyon, Australia; Feras Gabriel Raffoul, Australia; Philip M Dingemanse, Australia; David Saunders, Australia; Ben Edwards, Australia; Domenic Alvaro, Australia; Terry McQuillan /bureau^proberts, Australia; Michael Bellemo and Cat MacLeod/Bellemo & Cat, Australia; Gunther Domenig/Domenig & Wallner, Austria; Massimiliano Fuksas/Fuksas, France; Werner and Ursula Sobek/Werner Sobek, Germany, Andreas Fuhrimann and Gabrielle Hachler/Andreas Fuhrimann Gabrielle Hachler Architekten, Germany; Bimal Patel/HCP Design, Planning and Management, India; Pedevilla Architects, Italy; Paolo Carlesso, Italy; Michael O'Sullivan , New Zealand; Todd Saunders/Saunders Architecture, Norway; Anton Garcia-Abril/Ensamble Stio, Spain; Leo Qvarsebo /Leo Qvarsebo Arkitekt MSA, Sweden; Mark Merer, United Kingdom; Carl Turner , United Kingdom; Peter Gluck/Gluck+, United States; Christoph Kaiser , United States; Shane Pavonetti, United States; Timothy Eddy/Hennebery Eddy Architects, United States; Jeff Stern (In Situ), United States; David Hertz, United States; Marc Manack/Silo AR+D, United States; Doug Larson, United States; Lorcan O'Herlihy, United States.

  • Features the homes of a range of leading architects from around the world, incling the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, and Europe
  • Explores the interior design techniques, art and decorative pieces, furnishings, materials, and technology incorporated into the homes of those who know the most about them

Bethany Patch draws from her rich experiences in digital and print publishing, working with digital news publication The Conversation before joining The Images Publishing Group as a coordinating editor. With a particular interest in more personalised architectural projects, Beth commissioned this title, among many others, while specialising in architecture and design topics at IMAGES in Melbourne.


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