Architectural and Program Diagrams 2: Construction and Design Manual

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  • Producent: Dom Publishers
  • Dostępność: Nakład wyczerpany

Oprawa: hardcover, Format: 22,5x28 cm, Stron: 416, 2013 r.

Diagrams play an increasingly important role in architecture and urban planning helping to communicate both complex ideas and systems relationships in a way that is simple to understand across both linguistic and cultural barriers. With bold visions and unexpected approaches diagrams contribute significantly to complex construction development tasks and ultimately their successful implementation. Additionally they are also design objects that reflect the signature of their respective creator as a fresh and inspiring art form. This book, Volume 2 of Architectural and Program Diagrams from the series Construction and Design Manual showcases over 416 pages an almost endless variety of ideas andsolutions around the topic of design and construction. It also incles an introductory essay on the importance of using diagrams in presenting architecture.