Architectural Material & Detail Structure Metal

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ISBN 978-1-910596-16-6

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Sheet metal (aluminium sheet, aluminium-plastic panel, colour steel plate, copper plate, stainless steel plate, etc.) is extensively used in architecture due to its multiple advantages: it is environmentally friendly due to its high recovery percentage; its diversity in colours and forms enables various complex geometry patterns and textures; its weather resistance ability and durability can adapt to most buildings' requirements. It is also capable of achieving different visual effects: smooth aluminium sheet and stainless steel plate reflect the beauty of modern technology, while copper plate realises the integration of the present and the past.

Chapters incled provide basic information on steel, aluminium and copper, zinc and titanium which are then further classified by the metal's specific forms. Through analysis, images, detailed drawings and informative text, it illustrates the characteristics of metal and its application. It’s a practical reference for architects and other readers alike interested in the application of metal in architectural design.