Architectural Modelmaking

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Oprawa: Paperback, Format: 28x21,6 cm, Stron: 192450 Ilustrations,  2014 r.

The physical scale model is often cited as an important tool of communication for architecture stents and practitioners alike. Although the proliferation of CAD programmes has enabled the creation of increasingly complex computer models and virtual environments, there is also a growing need to address the three-dimensional qualities of architecture that may be lost when using such media. This book focuses on the inspiring possibilities for modelling the built environment with all the different media and techniques that are now available.

Through description of the use of different models in different contexts, the book provides a practical and effective guide to how and why models are used, in addition to what they are used for, and, furthermore, how they relate to architecture education.

Following a brief introduction, the book is divided into three sections: Media, Types and Applications. The book is generously illustrated with photographs of models, accompanying commentaries, and step-by-step practical instructions on the various techniques associated with modelmaking. Architectural Modelmaking will provide a concise yet broad ‘toolbox’ for stents of architecture.

About the Author 

NICK DUNN is Professor of Urban Design at Lancaster University. His primary research interests are in the fields of visualization, modelling, mapping, representation in architecture, infrastructure and urbanism. He is also the author ofDigital Fabrication in Architecture (Laurence King 2012).

'The book provides a practical and effective guide to modelmaking, and the different media involved.'