Asian resorts

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Oprawa: miękka, Format:  13,5x18,8 cm, Stron: 400, 2003 r., tekst w języku angielskim, włoskim i hiszpańskim

Rozwój turystyki spowodował utworzenie się najbardziej zróżnicowanej sceny architektury na świecie.

Features traditional and modern architecture in Southeast Asia.

The resort industry of tropical Asia has produced one of the most vibrant architectural scenes in the world. Not only is Asia one of the cultural richest regions in the world, it has also exceptional landscapes and stunning natural features – factors that have made the region a major tourist destination. Well-designed resorts of simple materiality, consummate craftsmanship, and rich moods are pervasive. Inspired by a reverence for the tropical climate, the rich cultural heritage as well as the pristine sites, these buildings demonstrate a poetic understanding and keen appreciation of natural and cultural determinants. The blend of design trends like Minimalism incorporating abstracted elements of traditional design has resulted in a particular style that has both global and local approach. The tourism industry has successfully constructed a new niche by marketing the “concept of authenticity” which offers tourists a more “culturally sensitive” and “politically correct” form of travel accommodation. Architects of the stylish works have produced an architectural ensemble that possesses a sensual refinement and a sure sense of place. The concept of luxury is redefined through a sense of tactility and tranquility. Resorts are unique juxtapositions of landscape and architecture – of empathy and resonance – anchoring their inhabitants and visitors firmly to the poetics of a place. The content of the book is meant to showcase both traditional architecture and contemporary projects that have drawn inspiration from the past. The intention is not to provide a comprehensive guide to architecture in Southeast Asia, but to present selective samples, and, at the same time, to ensure that the aura of the tropics can be felt by choosing a sufficient range of buildings. A cursory view offers endless delight to the reader.