Basics Construction Scheduling

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Seria "Basics" to wspaniale opracowana seria "podstawowych" książek z dziedziny architektury, budownictwa, urbanistyki i architektury krajobrazu. Wprowadzają one w omawiany temat na podstawie rysunków, zdjęć oraz tekstów.

In a world of tight time frames and highly interdependent processes, scheduling is an indispensable prerequisite for successful project implementation. It is the duty of the architect to manage all the project participants in a goal-oriented manner and to call for their results when the time is right. For this reason, a systematic schedule of target dates, adapted to a project’s sequences and workflows, is a necessary tool for the day-to-day management and monitoring of complex construction projects.


    * Organizing the planning and construction process
    * The basics of scheduling
    * Goal-oriented presentation formats and levels of detail
    * Developing a schedule
    * Using schedules in the real world