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Oprawa: twarda, Format: 18,8x22,4 cm, Stron: 128, 2007 r., tekst: angielski

Bathrooms are a focus feature in the 21st century home, and where space allows there is usually more than one. The most desirable configuration is an en suite shower room - a streamlined space for a quick and efficient cleanse and preparation in the morning, and in addition a separate, larger and more indulgent room where there is a bath and possibly a steam enclosure and enough space to pamper, relax and unwind. As a valuable resource book, "Bathrooms" proves that it is no longer just the bath versus shower option that needs to be considered. There is an increasingly diverse range of ancillary options. Saunas, spa baths, body jet showers and tailored cloakroom suites, environmentally modified systems, mood lighting and state-of-the-art technology, and these are just a few of the vast array of modern fixtures and fittings featured in the book. Also incled is an insightful look at the huge range of materials now available, from complex resins, reinforced glass, treated woods and double skin steel.