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Wydawnictwo: H.F. Ullmann
Autor: Jeannine Fiedler, Peter Feierabend
199,00 zł

ISBN 978-3-8480-0276-4

Oprawa: hardcover with jacket, Format: 24,5 x29 cm, Stron: 640, more than 800 illustrations, four-color throughout, 2013 r., tekst: angielski

Several decades after its inception, the Bauhaus style still emanates vitality. As a school thats combined applied art with both the fine arts and technology, the Bauhaus movement has outlasted all other trends in architecture and design. This volume provides insight into the historical, cultural, philosophical, political and pedagogical background of the 1930s, when the Bauhaus was founded. It portrays the famous Bauhaus directors and teachers and describes their signature pedagogical methods. Finally, the authors take readers inside individual workshops, where they can discover the unique wealth of forms and ideas that remain the hallmark of Bauhaus products.

Through its contributions to current discourse on the Bauhaus as a “fixed star of the avant-garde,” its wealth of pictorial material (some of which has never before been published), as well as the rich variety of topics it addresses, this book offers a comprehensive look at one of the most significant institutions in the history of modern art and culture.

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