Belgian Designers and Their Interiors

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Oprawa: Hardback, Format: 28x23 cm, Stron: 270, 2013 r., Illustrations: 204 colour

16 fascinating portraits of leading Belgian designers accompanied by photographic essays of their family homes.

The 2010 Belgian Designer of the Year, Bram Boo insists that furniture must continuously surprise us without losing its functionality. The result? Structured chaos. Each piece looks familiar but stands out in its uniqueness. Comprising an extensive report on Boo's own home and interior, this book shows in words and images exactly what the designer means. Alongside Bram Boo's own interior, the book takes a look inside the homes of 15 other top designers such as Diane Steverlinck, Danny Venlet and Stefan Schöning. Readers are not only given a solid insight into the unique creations of each designer but more importantly their unique vision on living, interiors and design in general. Each report is accompanied by a text in which each designer gives extensive expression to his/her personal vision.

Muriel Verbist began her career in advertising. She has worked for the past six years as an initerior stylist in the magazine sector.