Best of Brochure Design 10

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  • Producent: Rockport
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Oprawa: twarda, Format: 23,9x28,2 cm, Stron: 224, 2008 r., tekst: angielski

Brochure design is a perennial in the world of marketing and graphic design, yet it can be challenging to execute successfully. This collection of the world’s best brochure designs offers hundreds of ideas, pages of inspiration, and armloads of advice for professional graphic designers and stents alike. Using a clean, unfussy presentation, this book is a highly visual collection of ideas for everything from choosing type to photo treatments, and everything in between.

Rockport’s Best of Brochure Design series is a bestseller the world over. This tenth installment is much like it predecessors: a stunning collection of work from internationally acclaimed designers. Perry Chua is the design director at Spring Advertising and Design. He is also the co-author of Logo Savvy – Top brand-design firms share their naming and identity strategies.