Beyond Architecture

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ISBN 9783791385822

Oprawa: miękka, Format:  cm, Stron: 384, 2019 r.

Michael Kenna is regarded as one of the most accomplished photographers working today. This book charts Kenna's work in the field of architectural photography, showing how his approach to the built environment informs his style, whether he's capturing natural or human-made structures. In page after page of lush duotone illustrations, the book creates dialogs between images to show how Kenna applies light, shadow, composition, and perspective to similar effect in different settings. Yvonne Meyer-Lohr's astute curatorial approach helps us understand how deftly Kenna moves between techniques, whether he is capturing the network of cables on a suspension bridge, the glittering jewels of a nighttime cityscape, or the haunting silhouette of a factory tower. Accompanied by insightful texts by Meyer-Lohr, this volume is a comprehensive look at a brilliant photographer whose dedication to craft and technique sets him apart from his contemporaries.


MICHAEL KENNA is a world renowned British photographer, best known for his black-and-white landscape photography. His photographs have been published in over sixty books including Forms of Japan, Rouge, and Holga (all by Prestel). He lives in Seattle, USA.

YVONNE MEYER-LOHR is a designer and author based in Düsseldorf, Germany. Her previous publications include Capri and the bestselling book Forms of Japan (both by Prestel).