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British Tradition and Interior Design

Wydawnictwo: Könemann
Autor: Piras Claudia / Roetzel Bernhard
Nakład wyczerpany
Oprawa: twarda w obwolucie, Format: 27,5x32 cm, Stron: 339, 2005 r., tekst: angielski

"British Tradition" is a journey into the world of British furnishing and lifestyle. "British Tradition and Interior Design" gives readers an insight into the lifestyle and culture of the inhabitants of the British Isles. It takes you to historical palaces, mansions, manor houses and apartments, both in the country and in cities, explains their architecture and history, and describes the classical furniture and accessories that are a must in those bastions of traditional style. Why is the Great Hall today only used as an entrance hall, and when did the rooms become what they are now? How have the functions of dining rooms and living rooms, nurseries and studies changed over the years? Where did the King go when he felt the call of nature? And on what sort of mattress does today's queen sleep? Explore the various rooms and halls of British homes, their diverse history and current uses. This book traces the roots as well as the current characteristics of the world of British homes and life.