Broad Horizons / Larges Horizons: ADPI Architecture and Engineering

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Oprawa:  twarda, Format:  cm, Stron: 176, 2010 rok

Horizons / Larges Horizons is the first publication on the work of ADPI, one of the world's leading international architecture firms on airport design. Presenting the history of the international team of architects and engineers who specialise in airport development and large-scale building and infrastructure projects. Focusing on their projects over the last ten years incling the Opera in Beijing, the French Embassy in Japan and Jeddah Airport City, the interdisciplinary activities of ADPI are explored in this book. The book explores how ADPI established itself to broaden its horizons through export and diversity, from extensive projects on airports, to operas and stadiums. The book also looks to the future and the long-term planning where sustainable approaches are considered in their remit of helping communities to enlarge their horizons. This particular aspect is explored in relation to airports as opportunities in developing countries, such as the Tripoli Airport in Libya. Working on the premise that the airports of today are the cities of tomorrow evolving from simply a transportation centre disconnected from the traditional city to a multifunctional hub thriving with activity.

Broad Horizons / Larges Horizons is complete with illustrations, texts from members of the team and details the working of ADPI's operating on a global scale with a local approach. Written in English.