Brochures: Making a Strong Impression

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  • Producent: Rockport
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  • 141,75 zł
Oprawa: paperback, Format: 23,6x28,2 cm, Stron: 192, 2004 r., tekst: angielski

Brochures: Making a Strong Impression contains a collection of 85 outstanding brochure designs that have proved to be more difficult to put together than most, pieces that have truly pushed the designer's creativity and forced them to reach inside. Each brochure is given one full spread showing the cover and several interiors, along with a valuable yet succinct amount of copy discussing the essence of the piece and the challenge of designing it. Unlike most books on brochures that either provide no context or give an abundant amount of unnecessary information, this book offers the reader an innovative collection of work paired with succinct descriptions that provide context in a format that readers can process quickly. The text is brief and organized into three sections: the challenge; the process; and the result. This format allows the reader to access the precise information they need immediately. There are approximately 90 brochures profiled and 8 of them have a redesign that features sidebars. These show the original and the new designs. The remainder of the content in new work, a third of which comes from outside North America.