Carlos Jimenez: House and Studio

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Oprawa: miękka,  Format: cm, Stron: 96, 2006 r., książka w języku angielskim

From an essay by Carlos Jimenez:

"Since 1983, when work on my house and stio began, the project has undergone a variety of transformations, expansions, assimilations simply put, it has followed a path of growth and discovery. My proximity to this path's every turn puts me much too close for objective appraisal, yet this position offers an auspicious vantage point from which to reflect on the implications of architecture in one's life. I now gather some observations, memories, and moments, all of which emerge through one biographical detail or another an inevitable outcome when writing on such a personal work, a work that by its evolving nature is both my first and my most recent project."

About the Author

Darell Fields is Associate Professor of Architecture at the University of Arkansas. Brooke Hodge is Curator of Architecture and Design at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art.