Cheers! Wine Cellar Design

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Oprawa: Hardback, Format: 24,5x29 cm, Stron: 296, 2012 r.

Wine is made for the celebration of beautiful life. There is really only one good reason to store wine: it will taste its very best if you do! A wine cellar is becoming a standard feature of today's luxurious home. This thorough and inspiring book provides a good tour of the best in wine cellars. Visit more than 70 absolutely stunning, unique wine cellars in over 800 beautiful images with detailed texts. Enjoy wine racks, tasting tables, wine showrooms, wine caves, created by leading wine cellar designers/design stios, like Barbara Gilbert Interiors, Revel Custom Cellars, Thomas E. Warner Wine Cellar Company, Focus Wine Cellars, Marsh & Associates, TVS Wine Cellars, etc. We hope it can immerse you into the stylish and impressive world of today's wine cellar design. Now, please enjoy and cheer.