Classical Living

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  • Producent: Beta-Plus
  • Dostępność: Nakład wyczerpany
Oprawa: miękka, Format:  23x30cm, Stron: 288, 2006 r., tekst: angielski

This is a label that can be applied to many different homes: houses in the countryside, built with reclaimed materials, painstakingly restored farmhouses, grand town houses, a minimally designed villa where antiques and design go hand in hand, a house by the sea, furnished in a contemporary classic style,... the list goes on. In spite of the significant differences between the projects presented in this book, there are some themes that keep recurring: the consistent choice of quality products, the respect for traditional craftsmanship and individually customised work and the sophisticated use of colours, textures and materials in a serene and pleasant living environment. Without a touch of nostalgia, all of these reports show the harmonious association and integration of elements of the present and the past to form a new, contemporary whole.