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Compact Interiors

Wydawnictwo: Links
Autor: Carles Broto
Wysyłamy w ciągu 3-5 dni
145,95 zł
Oprawa: paperback, Format: 24,1x25,7 cm, Stron: 240, 2009 r., tekst: angielski

This fully illustrated work features dozens of apartment and loft interiors from around the world--all created by internationally renowned architects and designers. The book focuses on the technical aspects of each project and on the ingenious solutions employed in adapting fixtures and furniture to a range of uses for more efficient uses of space. Each of the projects is beautifully illustrated with full-color photographs, floor plans, and sketches. Incling every step of the design process from conception to execution this guide is indispensable for anyone working in the fields of architecture, interior design, interior decorating and furniture design.