Construction Drawings and Details for Interiors, 3rd Edition

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A complete guide to preparing construction documentation from a design perspective

Construction Drawings and Details for Interiors has become a must-have guide for stents of interior design. It covers the essentials of traditional and computer-aided drafting with a uniquely design-oriented perspective. No other text provides this kind of attention to detail. Inside, you'll find specialty drawings, a sensitivity to aesthetic concerns, and real-world guidance from leaders in the field of interior design. Updated content is presented here in a highly visual format, making it easy to learn the basics of drawing for each phase of the design process.

This new Third Edition incles access to a full suite of online resources. Stents and designers stying for the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) will especially appreciate these new materials. This revision also keeps pace with evolving construction standards and design conventions. Two new chapters, 'Concept Development and the Design Process' and 'Structural Systems for Buildings,' along with expanded coverage of building information modeling (BIM), address the latest design trends.

  • Incles online access to all-new resources for stents and instructors
  • Provides real-world perspective using countless example drawings and photos
  • Focuses on interior design-specific aspects of construction documentation
  • Serves as a perfect reference for the contract documents section of the NCIDQ exam

Written by designers, for designers, Construction Drawings and Details for Interiors remains a standout choice for the fields of interior design, technical drawing, and construction documentation. From schematics through to working.


Written by designers, for designers, Construction Drawings and Details for Interiors remains a standout choice for the fields of interior design, technical drawing, and construction documentation. From schematics through to working drawings, learn to communicate your vision every step of the way.


Preface vii

Acknowledgments xi

PART 1 Drawing Communication, Equipment, Fundamentals, and Classification Systems 1

CHAPTER 1. Design as Communication 3

Drawing for Idea Generation 3

Drawing as Design and Presentation Media 4

Drawing as a Guide for Construction 6

Issues Affecting How Interior Designers Communicate 6

CHAPTER 2. Drafting Equipment and Its Care  16

Drawing Tables and Surfaces 17

Drawing Papers and Plastic Film 18

Pencils, Leads, and Pens 19

Parallel Bar, T-square, and Drafting Machines 22

Triangles, Templates, and Compasses 23

Scales 27

Erasers, Erasing Shields, and Brushes 29

Additional Equipment 32

CHAPTER 3. Drawing and Drafting Fundamentals 33

Drawing 33

Drafting 34

Starting the Drawing 35

Drafting Standards, Abbreviations, and Symbols 42

Lettering 44

CHAPTER 4. Drawing Classification Systems 48

Multiview Drawings 48

Single-view Drawings 52

Axonometric Projections 54

Oblique Projections 56

Perspective Drawings 57

PART 2 The Design Process: Transition from Concepts to Construction Drawings  67

CHAPTER 5. Concept Development and the Design Process 69

The Design Process: The Analysis Phase 70

The Synthesis Phase 72

PART 3 Contract Documents 87

CHAPTER 6. Construction Drawings, Specifications, and Contracts 89

Specifications 89

Construction Drawings 95

Guidelines for Preparing Construction Drawings 102

Drawing Conventions and Representations 109

Modular Units 121

CHAPTER 7. As-Built Drawings and Demolition Plans 123

As-Built Drawings 123

Demolition Plans 131

CHAPTER 8. Floor Plans 137

Floor Plans in Modular Units 138

Wall and Partition Types and Construction 146

Scale of Floor Plans 149

Drafting Standards 151

Walls in Plan View 152

Doors and Windows in Plan View 152

Graphic and Text Notation on Floor Plans 157

Architectural Symbols 160

Dimensioning Floor Plans 162

Designation of Materials 166

CHAPTER 9. Fire and Life Safety Plans 177

Building Code Compliance Analysis 177

Fire and Life Safety Plans 180

CHAPTER 10. Elevations 184

Exterior Elevations 184

Interior Elevations 186

Scale of Interior Elevations 187

Drafting Standards for Interior Elevations 189

Designation of Materials 194

Dimensioning Elevations 196

CHAPTER 11. Sections 203

Types of Section Drawings 203

Scale of Section Drawings 206

Drafting Standards 209

Building Sections 210

Sections of Interior Spaces 212

Wall Sections 213

Detail and Object Sections 216

CHAPTER 12. Specialty Drawings 219

Purpose of Specialty Drawings 219

Stairs and Ramps 219

Millwork 228

Cabinetry 235

Fireplaces 241

CHAPTER 13. Door andWindow Schedules 247

Doors 247

Door Classifications: Operation, Types, and Materials 247

Door Hardware 250

Door and Hardware Schedules 254

Windows 260

Window Schedules 263

CHAPTER 14. Finish Schedules and Finish Plans 266

Room Finish Schedules 267

Finish Plans 270

Drafting Standards for Finish Plans 275

CHAPTER 15. Furniture Installation Plans 281

Scale of Furniture Installation Plans 289

Drafting Standards for Furniture Installation Plans 290

Dimensioning Furniture Installation Plans 293

Designation of Materials 293

CHAPTER 16. Furnishings and Equipment Plans 295

Scale of Drawings 299

Drafting Standards 299

Dimensioning Furnishings and Equipment Plans 302

CHAPTER 17. Lighting: Reflected Ceiling and Electrical Plans 306

Lighting Design Process 308

The Reflected Ceiling Plan 324

Types of Ceiling Systems 327

Code Issues Affecting Lighting 332

Electrical or Power Plans 343

PART 4 Structural,Mechanical and Plumbing Systems 353

CHAPTER 18. Structural Systems for Buildings 355

Building Foundations and Footings 356

Foundation Plans 357

Structural Walls and Columns 363

Floor and Roof Systems 363

Framing Plans 365

Floor Framing Plans 366

Roof Framing Plans 369

Roof Plans 371

CHAPTER 19. Mechanical and Plumbing Plans 375

Mechanical (HVAC) Plans 376

Scale of HVAC Plans 380

Drafting Standards for HVAC Plans 381

Designation of HVAC Materials 382

Plumbing Systems and Plans 383

Scale of Plumbing Drawings 389

Drafting Standards for Plumbing Drawings 390

Designation of Materials for Plumbing Plans 390

Dimensioning Plumbing Plans 391

Appendix A. Abbreviations for Construction Drawings 395

Appendix B. Selected 2010 ADA Design Standards 398

Appendix C. Trigonometric Functions: Sines and Cosines of Angles 403

Glossary 405

Index 415


ROSEMARY KILMER, ASID, IDEC, LEED® AP, and W. OTIE KILMER, AIA, are Professors Emeritus of interior design at Purdue University, Indiana, and lead their own design practice, Kilmer and Associates. Rosemary Kilmer has served on the Board of Directors for the NCIDQ exam. She and W. Otie Kilmer each have over three decades of teaching and design experience.