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Contemporary Kitchens

Wydawnictwo: Beta-Plus
Autor: praca zbiorowa
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Oprawa: miękka, Format: 23x30 cm, Stron: 204, 2007 r., tekst: angielski, ostatnie egzemplarze, nakład wyczerpany!

Contemporary kitchens have undergone a real transformation in recent years. What was once a purely functional space has developed into a proper living environment, which is still used for cooking, but also for eating, watching TV, and even as an informal place to receive guests. The kitchen has grown to accommodate these developments. The space itself has become larger and additional elements have been added, such as dining tables, breakfast bars, TV screens and fireplaces. Technological innovations and sophisticated kitchen equipment are now being integrated into complete concepts, with other interior elements also playing an important role: lighting, colour palette, materials, and all of the other features that make an interior into a pleasant living environment. All of the kitchens in this book are clearly contemporary in design. A companion title focusing on country kitchens in a timeless style is being published simultaneously: CLASSIC KITCHENS.