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Contemporary Living in Asia

Wydawnictwo: Beta-Plus
Autor: Wim Pauwels
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260,00 zł

ISBN 9789089440884

Oprawa: twarda, Format: 29x30 cm, Stron: 200 , 2011 r.

The Dutch photographer Marc Gerritsen has lived and worked in seven countries over the last decade, spread across four continents. In recent years he resided in Asia, where he made a series of fascinating reports on what he terms the "urban jungle": a patchwork collection of rich ideas and endless possibilities as regards architecture and design, illustrated with dozens of exceptional homes and apartments. This book shows a selection of his most recent work in Asia: a constant search for perfect design, balanced proportions and excelling in restraint and discrete, refined beauty. All thirteen projects in 'Contemporary Living in Asia' have a strongly cosmopolitan character and consequently also have a universal appeal: every apartment, every home in this book offers exceptionally inspiring examples for anyone who wants to transform a living environment in a large city into a pearl of contemporary home comfort in a pure, minimalist style.