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Cool off! The Pool Book

Wydawnictwo: Braun
Autor: Sibylle Kramer
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199,00 zł

ISBN 978-3-03768-207-4

Oprawa Hardcover with dust jacket , Format 28x23,5 cm, Stron 240, 470 pictures,  2016 r.



  • 55 Blair Road in Singapore (ONG & ONG)
  • Jellyfish House in Marbella, Spain (Wiel Arets)
  • House EW in Munich, Germany (Lynx)
  • The Pool at the Pyne in Bangkok, Thailand (T.R.O.P.)
  • Mirage in Klamath, California, USA (Kois Associated Architects)
Water is probably the most diverse and fascinating of the four elements. When presented in a swimming pool, it signifies refreshment and relaxation, health, vivacity and zest for life. In this form, shaped by architecture and incorporated into the constructed and/or natural setting, water presents its most beautiful side.
The precious substance is always at the center of the design of a swimming pool, reflected in the shape, the choice of materials, the color range, or the illumination concept. In the contemporary projects from around the world presented in this volume, renowned architects and innovative newcomers showcase the source of all life in a great variety of compelling and creative ways.