Country Chic Kitchens: A Precious Guide to Italian Style and Cooking

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Kitchens in country homes bring together all the things which are appealing about life in a natural setting. Their layout is evidence of first-hand contact with the products of the earth. This book is an indispensable reference tool for designing these kitchens, dominated by noble materials which today live side by side with all the commodities of modern life. In the pages of this book, the reader will find an endless source of inspiration with photos of interior designs and even simple recipes for traditional Italian food.


The Grace of Time

Country Aristrocrat
Nature Inside
An Architect's Refuge
Setting the Stage
Spring Recipes

In Black and White
The perfect Balance
Turquise Delict
Aquamarine Humor
Sophiticated Nature
Summer Recipes

The Elegance of Simplicity
The pasta making Table
Rustic Chic
For Fun and Games
Old Tobaco Store
Fall Recipes

Stone Kitchen
The Flower of Yesteryear
Poor Man"s Marble
The Charm  of Yesteryear
Gnomes Kitchen
Winter Recipes