Cozy Wood Interiors

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Oprawa: paperback, Format: 17,5x21,8 cm, Stron: 300, 2009 r., tekst: angielski, hiszpański

Publikacja przedstawia nowatorskie wykorzystanie drewna w kilkziesięciu projektach z całego świata.Fantastyczne fotografie, plany i omówienia autorstwa samych projektantów.

The architects and all interiors featured in this book have in common their fascination regarding the richness, the texture, and the strength of wood to enhance their creations. Each of the projects within this worldwide selection is clearly explained by the designers themselves and all of the examples selected share the highest degree of architectural quality due to innovative uses of wood as well as the architects outspoken bid for environmentally sustainable construction. Incled in this volume are sophisticated residences, contemporary homes and apartments. Outstanding photographs accompany the working plans and clear text, to achieve an optimal communication of these buildings? main features, the materials used and their defining characteristics.