Cult Masterpieces

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  • Producent: Tectum
  • Dostępność: Wysyłamy w ciągu 3-5 dni
  • 208,95 zł
Oprawa: twarda, Format: 26,6x26,6 cm, Stron: 400, 2008 r., tekst: angielski, francuski

There are products that are different from other products, they are striking and stand out from the crowd. A combination of beautiful design, a touch of exclusiveness and a unique history turn a normal product into a phenomenon - they become cult. They fascinate people beyond all social boundaries and influence the image of an entire generation. From a car to a piece of clothing to a coffee machine, cult products are found in all areas and are passionately revered by many people. What they all have in common, what connects Coca-Cola with the Kelly Bag by Herm's, is a certain attite toward life that they represent and the inspiration they exe - in the past, today and even in the future. Cult Masterpieces pays respect to these products and presents them on 400 richly illustrated pages.