Data–Driven Design and Construction: 25 Strategies for Capturing, Analyzing and Applying Building Data

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“In this comprehensive book, Professor Randy Deutsch has unlocked and laid bare the twenty-first century codice nascosto of architecture. It is data. Big data. Data as driver. . .This book offers us the chance to become informed and knowledgeable pursuers of data and the opportunities it offers to making architecture a wonderful, useful, and smart art form.”

—From the Foreword by James Timberlake, FAIA

Written for architects, engineers, contractors, owners, and educators, and based on today’s technology and practices, Data-Driven Design and Construction: 25 Strategies for Capturing, Applying and Analyzing Building Data 

  • addresses how innovative individuals and firms are using data to remain competitive while advancing their practices.
  • seeks to address and rectify a gap in our learning, by explaining to architects, engineers, contractors and owners—and stents of these fields—how to acquire and use data to make more informed decisions.
  • documents how data-driven design is the new frontier of the convergence between BIM and architectural computational analyses and associated tools.
  • is a book of adaptable strategies you and your organization can apply today to make the most of the data you have at your fingertips.
Data-Driven Design and Construction was written to help design practitioners and their project teams make better use of BIM, and leverage data throughout the building lifecycle.

Foreword xiii
James Timberlake, FAIA, Partner, KieranTimberlake

Preface xv

Acknowledgments xxiii

Introduction: Measuring the Immeasurable, Validating the Ineffable 1

Not One More Thing 1

Strategies for Practice 2

Benefits of Gathering, Analyzing, and Applying Building Data 4

Challenges of Gathering, Analyzing, and Applying Building Data 13

Strategy No. 1: Hone in on Key Information 17

Strategy No. 2: Demonstrating Works, Explaining Doesn’t 20

PART I Why Data, Why Now? 27

Chapter 1 The Data Turn 29

Five Factors Leading to the Leveraging of Data and Industry Change 29

Strategy No. 3: Look Outside the Industry 32

Case Sty Interview with Robert Yori 37

Strategy No. 4: Not Big Data, Smart Data 54

Case Sty Interview with Sean D. Burke 55

Data versus Documents 61

Case Sty Interview with Jonatan Schumacher 63

Chapter 2 A Data -Driven Design Approach for Buildings 71

Five Trends Leading to the Rise of Data in the AECO Industry 71

Strategy No. 5: Eight Questions to Ask for Data Preparedness 73

Case Sty Interview with Zigmund Rubel 75

Data-Centric Approaches 84

Case Sty Interview with Andrew Heumann 86

Strategy No. 6: Four Steps toward Making the Change to Be More Data-Centric 87

Strategy No. 7: Ask Good Questions 88

Case Sty Interview with Jonathon Broughton 96

Chapter 3 Learning from Data 107

Five Factors Ensuring Data Preparedness 107

Training, Learning, and Working with Data 110

Case Sty Interview with Brian Ringley 113

Strategy No. 8: Play with Data 123

Case Sty Interview with Toru Hasegawa 126

Case Sty Interview with Aimee Buccellato 134

PART II Capturing, Analyzing, and Applying Building Data 141

Chapter 4 Capturing and Mining Project Data 143

Public Sources of Data 143

Case Sty Interview with Ryan Mullenix 145

Private Data Sources 153

Case Sty Interview with Sam Miller 157

Having a Data Collection Strategy 169

Strategy No. 9: Create a Data Collection Strategy 169

Case Sty Interview with Gregory Janks 170

Strategy No. 10: First Steps to Becoming Data-Centric 174

Chapter 5 Analyzing Data 179

Analysis versus Analytics 179

Strategy No. 11: First Steps in Applying Data Analysis 180

Predictive Analytics 180

Case Sty Interview with Mads Jensen 182

Strategy No. 12: Two Ways to Think about Energy Analysis 191

Strategy No. 13: Analysis for Sustainable Design 192

Case Sty Interview with Chris Pyke, PhD 198

Strategy No. 14: How Analysis Informs Decision Making 201

Strategy No. 15: Start Simple, Technology Optional 202

Strategy No. 16: Leverage Data as Means to an End 203

Case Sty Interview with Brendon Levitt 203

Dhour Case Sty 209

Chapter 6 Applying Data 213

First Steps 213

Strategy No. 17: First Steps Before Applying Data 214

Strategy No. 18: Plan for the Data 215

Case Sty Interview with Billie Faircloth 216

Data-Enabled Project Teams 222

Strategy No. 19: Should the Data Team Be Integrated or Stationed in the Corner? 225

Case Sty Interview with Andrew Witt 226

Data-Intensive Roles 230

Strategy No. 20: Computer Scientist vs. Emerging Professional 231

Case Sty Interview with Greig Paterson 235

Leadership in Data 238

PART III What Data Means for You, Your Firm, Profession, and Industry 241

Chapter 7 Data in Construction and Operations 243

Data in Construction 244

Strategy No. 21: Construction-Related Data Questions 245

Case Sty Interview with Tyler Goss 246

Responding to Change 250

Case Sty Interview with Mani Golparvar-Fard, PhD 250

Linking Design, Construction, and Operations 259

Strategy No. 22: Extract and Transfer What Matters 261

Case Sty Interview with Bill East, PhD 262

Standards and Interoperability 266

Case Sty Interview with Greg Schleusner 267

Chapter 8 Data for Building Owners and End Users 273

Benefits to the Owner 273

Case Sty Interview with Sukanya Paciorek 274

Direction to Work with Data 277

Case Sty Interview with Peter Pellerzi 279

Strategy No. 23: with Data, the Heart of the Issue Is Culture 280

AECO Firms as Data Intermediaries 281

Case Sty Interview with Brian Skripac 282

Data Visualization Helps Owners Make Decisions 285

Case Sty: Data Viz Using Revit 286

Case Sty Interview with Evelyn Lee 293

Data-Driven Design Driven by Owners 296

Chapter 9 Building a Case for Leveraging Data 297

Business Intelligence (BI) and Current-State Assessment 297

Fee and Profitability Data Case Sty 298

Case Sty Interview with David Fano and Dr. Daniel Davis 300

Strategy No. 24: Big Data in Practice 301

Security and Privacy 310

Case Sty Interview with Mark Frisch, FAIA, LEED AP BD+C 312

Sharing Data 324

Case Sty Interview with David Sawdey 325

Strategy No. 25: Use Data to Provide Better Service 326


The Future Of Data In AEC 331

Our Data-Driven Future 331

The Future Is Already Here 333

Appendix 337

Experts, Innovators, and Thought Leaders Interviewed 337

Organizations and Universities Represented 338

The 25 Data-Driven Strategies 339

Software Mentioned 339

Recommended Reading 341

Index 343