Eco-Architecture: 1000 Ideas by 100 Architects

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Trendsetting sustainable architecture from the world's leading eco-architecture firms.

The process of executing an architectural plan, a building or a landscape, can be disastrous for the environment. The construction process, whether it is erecting a building or excavating a landscape, is destructive. Toxic land sites are disturbed, trees are removed, bedrock is shattered, watercourses are altered. And it goes on--buildings cause erosion and ongoing water pollution and worldwide they consume a quarter of all energy produced.

Fortunately there are numerous ways through which buildings and landscape can be designed to mitigate such negative impacts. 1000 Tips by 100 Eco Architects shows how forward-thinking design and environmentally sound construction practices can create outstanding results. Coming from the world's leading eco-architecture firms, these real-life projects demonstrate the pinnacle of progressive design and eco restraint.

Working from the essential objectives of economy, sustainability, beauty and function, the 1000 ideas display a wide array of outcomes. Design plans illlustrate the concepts and captioned photographs display the results. Examples incle:

  • Reveal Earth's history--Wire-sawing bedrock horizontally creates a beautiful outdoor terrace.
  • Produce white noise--A water curtain buffers city sounds while also creating a place for carefree play.
  • Create new activity--A new island in a lake presents options for activities close to town.
  • Introduce the unexpected--Wavelike wood installations create spots to sit, slide or ride a bike.
  • Echo history--The layout of a new water park recalls the former agricultural plot.
  • Alter scale--Irrigation ditches are transformed into waterways in a water park.
  • Seize opportunity--A quarry is recovered and carved into a pleasing linear landscape.
  • Mix function--A string of water through an education and sports facilities beautifies and encourages recreation.


Fully illustrated and featuring the highest standards of world eco architecture, 1000 Tips by 100 Eco Architects is a practical, inspiring and provocative reference ideal for anyone practicing or interested in architecture, environmental conservation and design.


If you're not a DIYer you can graze for architectural help in 1000 Tips by 100 Eco Architects Guidelines on Sustainable Architecture from the World's Leading Eco Architecture Firms from Firefly by Mara Serrats, who incidentally has also written about prefab housing. Notable about 1000 Tips is the number of recommendations for making the construction process itself nondestructive to the environment. (Publishers Weekly 2012-06-25)

While not a DIY book, this title, and its numerous pictures, may well inspire amateur and professional designers and builders. (Sara R. Tompson Library Journal 2012-12-01)

Notable about 1000 Tips are the number of recommendations for making the construction process itself nondestructive to the environment. (Michael Coffey Publishers Weekly 2012-06-25)

About the Author

Marta Serrats is a journalist based in Barcelona, specializing in architecture and design issues.