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Facade Greenery

Wydawnictwo: Braun
Autor: Uffelen Chris Van
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89,00 zł

Oprawa: twarda, Format: 19,7x24,8 cm, Stron: 176, 2011 rok

The greening of faades with plants gives a piece of nature back to the city. But a green faade is much more than a charming view: Thanks to its insulating effect, it evens out extreme swings in temperature, protects against UV radiation and improves sound insulation. In that regard one does not have to always rely on the usual ivy. Other evergreen or fruit bearing plants and even exotic flowers can be used as faade decoration. In that way varied and creative greening can be created which lend a colorful aesthetic tone to the cityscape. The 50 projects presented here give an overview of this current trend in landscape architecture.