Factory Design

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  • Producent: Braun
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  • 269,00 zł
Oprawa: miękka, Format: 22,5 x 29,5 cm, Stron: 336, 2008., tekst: angielski

Factories are truly radical structures, purely pragmatic boxes, spaces for machines that execute clearly defined production processes. When functionality means everything - and bget is limited - architecture finds itself taking on a fascinating role. This volume tellingly shows in what creative and surprising ways architects around the world approach this topic. When architectural stars or declared specialists in the field go to work, the factory becomes an aesthetic object and the calling card of any company. The buildings featured here are factories that easily transcend their functional shells. On hand of richly illustrated projects, this volume documents this typology as a treatise of great architects and subtle means, which reveals high quality in the planning and realization of architectural concepts.