Garden Design Close Up

Oprawa: PLC (no jacket), Format: 24,5x18,8 cm, Stron: 432, Illustrated in colour throughout, 2014 r.

Showcasing 100 exceptional gardens from around the globe, this profusely illustrated book examines the key features of each design in close-up, photographic detail. With creations by leading British and international landscape architects, such as Dan Pearson, Anthony Paul and Martha Schwartz, Garden Design Close Up will delight all those who enjoy gardens, providing a detailed resource filled with creative ideas and practical advice from award-winning writer and designer Emma Reuss.

Chapters incle:
    Close Up on Colour
    City Space 

'A beautiful, engaging book … there is an intimacy about the write-up for each garden that is incredibly appealing … very succinct, interesting and knowledgeable … In the modern age where we want instant facts and gratification, this book is perfect. I have travelled the world, learned a lot and it has been totally engaging from start to finish. Honestly, I can’t see a reason not to buy this book– Gardens Illustrated
‘Jaw-dropping photographs and truly helpful practical advice aren’t common gardening book bedfellows … This book has both … Reading this book feels like watching a magician performing a succession of seemingly impossible illusions, before beckoning you closer to reveal the secrets behind each trick – dazzling you to the point when you dare to dream that you too could pull off such magic … Aspirational inspiration’